naoussa beach

naoussa beach

naoussa beach

naoussa beaches

Naoussa Paros is surrounded by amazing beaches. There are two beaches main beaches in the village, within walking distance from the center. Both of them are popular among visitors of Naoussa, as well as local people. In the slider above, you can see representative photos from beaches near Naoussa.


Piperi beach is at the heart of Naoussa, just 300 meters away from the village’s harbour and the known small bridge. It consists of both pebbles and sand. There is a small number of umbrellas and sunbeds. Most of them are private and belong to Senia Hotel.  The beach is short in length with clear water, lying in a picturesque bay. Piperi beach is preferred both by locals and those staying at the village. At the two ends of the beach there are some rocks which are almost flat, parallel to the ground. These rocks make the beach a perfect location for snorkeling with flippers and mask. Behind the beach there is a tavern and more food options can be found in Naoussa port. The village offers several nightlife choices with bars for many tastes which you can visit walking the narrow alleys of the village.


Agioi Anargyroi is a a long beach, about 1 kilometer east of Naoussa port. It is considered us main Naoussa beach. There are some umbrellas and sunbeds at the beach, but not across the full length of it. You can rest under the shade of the few trees that are on the beach. Agioi Anargyroi features golden sand and in combination with the shallow water it is a perfect place for families with children. The beach is located in a bay which protects it from waves. The northeast part of the beach is better protected than the west. Within the bay, there are moored boats and speedboats, belonging either to locals or visitors. This makes the scenery on Agioi Anargyroi even more Cycladic.


Kolympithres is one of the most famous beaches in Paros and in Greece as well. It lies in Naoussa Bay, 4 km. away from the village. This Naoussa beach is famous for its sleek rocks which give you the impression of moon scenery. Over millions of years, the wind and water have sculptured those rocks into extraordinary and impressive shapes. Some small gulfs have been formed among the rocks with small beaches. If you get here early, you can use them as you private beach. The water at Kolympithres is clear, shallow and warm. Due to the location of this Naoussa beach, the sea is usually calm and rarely wavy. The rocks provide you with shade during some hours of the day, although you can hire umbrellas and sunbeds. There few taverns nearby where you can enjoy your lunch. A few kilometers north of the beach there is an Aqua park with waterslides. There is also the environmental park called Paros Park.
The most enjoyable way to get to Kolympithres, even traditional one could argue, is by boat (Kaiki) departing from Naoussa at frequent intervals.


Monastiri beach is definitely one of the popular places in Paros. This Naoussa beache is located in a stunning location of the island, at the north part of the bay. There is a cape opposite of Naoussa, called Paros Park. Monastiri is at its start. Its location, about 7km from Naoussa, makes it easy accessible. It was named Monastiri, as further from the beach lies the Monastery of St. John Detis. It consists of sandy and it is very well organized. You can find umbrellas and sunbeds here, water sport centre offering numerous choices and a beach bar. Monastiri due to its popularity gets crowded in the summer months. The beach is suitable for children, as the water is shallow for several meters. At the north part of the beach there are rocks which make it a perfect for those people who love snorkelling. Make sure you get one in case you are interested.
Since Monastiri beach lies in a bay, it is very well protected from north winds and has rarely any waves. It is a location where you will see several boats anchoring within the bay.
Access to the beach is either by road where there is an ample parking lot at the end of it, or by traditional boats (kaiki) offering frequent services from Naoussa port.


Santa Maria is one of the best Paros beaches and one of the most beautiful in Greece. Due to its location, just 4 km away from Naoussa, it is easy reachable. As it lies on the east coast of the island, you will have Naxos for a view when swimming. Santa Maria is also considered as Naoussa beach, since most of visitors come from there. The main beach is very long with gold sand thin as powder. The sea is of course crystal clear. Therefore, reflections of the sun into it give you the impression there are diamonds in the water. Because it is well organized, it can cater every taste. There are umbrellas and sunbeds to rent, water sport centres, including windsurfing, seayak, seabike and scuba diving schools. Here you can take courses or rent diving equipment. Along Santa Maria there are few beach bars serving coffee, drinks and light meals.
South of the long beach there are sand hills which are full of surprises and unique beauty. The sea is forming small bays which create even smaller beaches, giving you an impression of exclusivity and relaxation.
There is a free parking area near this Naoussa beach. There are also frequent bus services from the village. One of our accommodations, Aeraki Villas is located nearby. 

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